Monday, March 13, 2006

Understand the threat...

The following was an opening paragraph replying to the question of "How secure is a domain controller?"

Secure from what? Pick your risks and then make an assessment based on that. I have personally found that a fully patched Domain Controller is not secure from Denial of Service Attacks that involve a large truck running the DC over. May sound extreme but only you can really start to guess what your risks are and what you should start looking at.

The point made is a valid one: consider your threats and protect accordingly. Truth be told, we can run around in circles, chasing our tails, if we don't take the time to understand what we're protecting, what we need to protect it against, and the business factors that go into both of those things.

You can find the actual post here, in the archives for the ActiveDir (Active Directory) mailing list.


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